Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Absence - I'll Cast The First Stone

Absence were a vegan straight-edge metallic hardcore band from Italy, who later went on to become XDestroy BabylonX after a hiatus of a few years and a change in the line-up of the band. This EP has a militant vegan straight-edge message in the lyrics. Fabio, the vocalist also ran E-Blood Clothing which was supposedly very successful within the Hip-Hop community. Download this to check out the most awesome picture of a kid which has ever existed, probably.
This EP contains 5 tracks of angered chugging hardcore metal and this was released by XCatalystX Records in 2002. The guitars are kind of hitch pitched and typically old school metal, you'll know what I mean. I like it.

(This download also contains a full scan of the booklet).

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