Thursday, 8 December 2011

Broken Distance - Hourglass

This blog so far has been based around hardcore and metalcore of the militant variety. However in the header I stated I'd also be posting up Youth Crew. Here is the first of those bands. Broken Distance were a straight-edge youth crew hardcore band from Faro, Portugal. Members of the band were either formerly in, were in during this band, or are now in Pointing Finger, Critical Point, Pressure, and were also involved in Impact Booking, organising decent hardcore shows in faro and booking European tours for the mentioned bands, the city they're from is also where Wake Up And Live Fanzine was edited, by a member of other bands they're in and David the vocalist of Broken Distance currently runs Salad Days Records. Essentially what I'm saying is that for the last 15 or so years, these guys have been dedicated to the straight-edge, youth crew mindset. In this time they have noticeably managed to, in my eyes, perfect the sound of modernised youth crew. This CD is well produced, mixed and mastered. It contains 6 tracks of fast, modern youth crew hardcore and was put out by Take The Risk Records and Monument Records, in 2007. Unlike other youth crew and the positive vibes which the genre of music and their other bands are known to spread, broken distance's lyrics deal with depression and frustration of modern, every day life and how people shouldn't reflect on the past all the time and think about how good things used to be, it's an EP which screams for change. Also, the drumming is so good for this CD, the music is well composed, the guys really did this one well but hey, that could just be my view. You decide.

(This download also contains a full scan of the CD booklet).

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