Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Together - The Elephant

There are two bands with the name Together in recent times, one is from Germany. This, however is the Together from Torres Vedras, Portugal. I could sit and talk all day about how much I like this band, I have no idea what I'm about to type, so I apologise in advance for the babbling. They play melodic hardcore with singalong parts. Every member of the band is vegan straight-edge. A few of which are also involved in positive other projects, such as distribution (distro's) of merchanidise and music by other artists, they're well traveled and if you go to any shows in Europe (namely Fluff Fest), you're likely to see them stood behind stalls for Brave Distro and Path Distro. The band features members of New Winds (melodic vegan straight-edge hardcore punk), These Hands Are Fists and more recently the band has shared drummers with Critical Point (Faro vegetarian straight-edge youth crew). For what it may matter to you this band has raging, energetic female fronted vocals (genders don't matter but people seem to like to know these things) and there are singing parts, for hardcore sing alongs, for a decent example, check out the introduction to "No Water Enough". This band, I love. Was lucky enough to see them at Fluff Fest 2009. This CD was self-released in 2009 and contains 8 tracks, including one intro and one spoken word outro over background music. The lyrical topic range from scene unity, to third world labour for your clothes, to a new green natural world on top of the decaying modern industrialism after the collapse, veganism, straight-edge. It's all good.

(This download also contains a scan of the insert, which includes the lyrics and their explanations and back cover which includes a nice short bit of writing on why the band is called Together, in relation to the name of the CD being The Elephant).


  1. Thank you so, so, so much for uploading this. Up until now, hearing all 8 tracks has just been a dream. I love this band so much. You wouldn't happen to have a spare copy of this EP laying around would you, I can't find any online anymore.

    Thanks once again.

  2. Sabes onde posso arranjar o Cd original?

    1. Where can i find the original CD?

    2. Mandei-te PM para o teu blog no facebook.

  3. Hey! Just to clear up some wrong info. Together never had members from These Hands Are Fists. Everything else is on the spot.