Monday, 12 December 2011

New Winds - Reunion Video, 10/12/2011

New Winds were a vegan straight-edge band from Lisbon, Portugal. They played melodic, sing-a-long hardcore punk, similar to a blend of 7 Seconds, Insted and Bold and had politically charged lyrics. They formed around 1997 and stopped being a band around 2007.

I was sifting through Facebook as people generally do these days and stumbled across Rafael Madeira's page (band member of Critical Point, Pressure and previously of Broken Distance), he had this video posted of a New Winds reunion show, which took place two days ago at Revolver Bar, Portugal (10-12-2011).

I don't know If I've been living under a rock, or if this show wasn't well publicised to people outside of Portugal but it made me happy to see and incase you like New Winds and haven't seen this reunion video, it may also make you happy, so here it is:

(This video was shot by Fábio Gonçalves).

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