Monday, 5 December 2011

xThe Battlex - All Shall Perish

xThe Battlex was a solo project by an original member of XDestroy BabylonX and XRage Of A ProphetX, from Switzerland. The CD contains 9 tracks, 6 of which are original, one of which is a clean guitar interlude, there is an intro track of samples taken from films and a cover version of "Declaration Of War" by Green Rage, the original of which can be heard here. The lyrical content is of a militant mindset, aiming to bring about world change by any means necessary. The lyrics advocate a strong stance in defense of animal liberation and straight-edge. The thanks list gives thanks to "the hardline" and XRage Of A ProphetX mentioned previously stated themselves as a PRO-LIFE. VEGAN. STRAIGHT-EDGE band. xThe Battlex is a portrayal of the mindset of this individual wolvh. It is however, a DIY recording, in a living room, on a laptop with a headset as the microphone. Don't expect any hi-tech' music here. As I've stated this was a project. this was released by xSTORM OF JUSTICEx Records, in Switzerland, in 2007. Artwork done by Simon Erl, a straight-edge tattoo artist based in the UK.


(This download contains the booklet information, including lyrics, the track list and thanks list).

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