Saturday, 10 December 2011

xRisenx - Playing The Victim

xRisenx are/were a vegan straight-edge metallic hardcore band from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The band was set about to spread the important message of animal liberation, earth liberation and liberation of the self. They play an early 90's style of hardcore, musically similar to Framework, even Raid and more recently Wait In Vain (sorry if these are cliche similarities, my head's in a daze today). The band features members of Birthright, Jackhammer (an old, lost xcatalystx band, check them out at Max's Blog) and at times Gather. Kurt XCatalystX does vocals. We may see them reunite in 2012, I hope so. This EP was released by XCatalystX Records, in 2007. In the words of the band themselves (probably Kurt, as he's good with words), taken from a quote on the back cover:

"As a band, xRisenx strongly supports and encourages a vegan lifestyle.

In a culture immersed in injustice it can seem difficult to find ways for the individual to make a concrete difference. Taking the simple step to re-evaluate the way each of us interacts with the world around us, especially through something as easy to change as our own dietary choices, can be a crucial step towards a more just way of living.

The best way to combat the injustice of this world is to begin with the injustice contained in our own lives: To make informed decisions that bring us one step closer to achieving true liberation for the self, those oppressed and the world we live in."

(This download also contains a scan of the insert, with lyrics and lyric descriptions, the front cover shown above and the back cover with the quote above on it).

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