Thursday, 8 December 2011

Withdrawn - A Certain Innate Suffering

Withdrawn were a militant minded vegan straight-edge metal band, from Liverpool, UK. The band line-up on this EP contained Chris Meadows and "Foster" who, I've read in numerous areas of the internet, were a pair of guys who were heavily into Hardline Ideology, who openly supported a pro-life stance and the view that homosexuality was unnatural (a lot of other people who support hardline in places find this view preposterous, which it is), they were also known to get in many fights due to their views. This CD contains 4 tracks, which go on for close to 23 minutes. It was put out by Sure Hand Records, -run by Nick from the bands Unborn (metal), Cracked Cop Skulls (anarcho-punk), Unquiet Grave (hardcore crust) and probably more- in 1997. This band had another vocalist later on, who now does vocals in 2011 in a Straight-Edge Metallic Hardcore band full of old mid 90s scenesters called DeadXSett and never claimed to be hardline. I have no idea where the original members of this band are now, or what they're up to.

(This download also contains a full scan of the CD booklet).

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