Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Brutally Familiar - Brutally Familiar [Extremely rare demo track]

Brutally Familiar was a fast hardcore/punk band including Greg Bennick, known mostly for his vocals in Trial (and plenty of other bands). As far as Greg and I are aware there is very little information on this band available online, Trial formed in 1994, this track was recorded in 1991, in Greg's own words:

"In 1991, I went home to Connecticut for two weeks to hang out with my friends. We formed two bands: Brutally Familiar and The Pist, and recorded a five song demo for Brutally Familiar and played the first Pist show around the same time. This song is from the Brutally Familiar self titled demo."

Here are the lyrics:

"Remember me?
Way back then some years ago
We'd see each other at the shows
Not afraid to talk and smile
Be ourselves - hang out awhile

Well you're still you and I'm still me
So ask yourself why this must be
That those days are just in the past
And now you're out to kick some ass

Ask yourself why
Ask yourself why
Ask yourself why

I don't know
I don't know
I don't know

Stop and ask yourself this question
Is this all your own aggression?
If its not from your own heart, think real hard:
When did it fucking start?

We are Brutally Familiar
We are Brutally Familiar
We are Brutally Familiar"

Greg only has this one song digitised and therefore I can only post this one song but for any Trial nerds it's probably interesting, there is no demo artwork available online, so here is a live photograph.


(This download contains one track).

Edit: I've linked the band's Myspace page to here also, as it turns out some of the songs are online already, however they still go somewhat unheard and unknown about, so enjoy them.

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