Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Stand In Defense - When The World Flips! - Demo 2007

Stand In Defense were a vegan straight-edge band out of New Haven, Connecticut, USA. They played a brand of aggressive fast hardcore punk along the lines of Gather, but with not as good sound quality. The band has 2 guys and 2 girls in it (not that genders matter), the vocals are female fronted and she screams much like Eva from Gather. Much like xThe Battlex, the sound mixing quality on this demo isn't up to much. This was released on Vedge Records, USA in 2007. The CD's were handed out for free, I got about 20 copies sent to me, who knows where the majority of those are now. The fold over paper case, it is worth noting, is made of 100% tree free paper and all the ink used is from soya ink. One up for the environment there.

(This download contains a scan of the full fold out casing of the demo, including lyrics and lyric descriptions).

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