Monday, 5 December 2011

The Purpose.

The idea came about when I started buying full collections of stuff I've not seen online off older vegan straight-edge guys who no longer feel the need to hold their spare bedrooms up with wall racks full of mid 90s hardcore. On here I'll strive to do the hard job of sifting through what I have that xSTUCK IN THE PASTx, OneXPath, xONE TRUTHx, xStrictly Straight-Edgex etc blogs haven't, which really doesn't leave me with very much stuff.

I feel a lot of the information and messages given through these bands' music is really important. I'm only 23 years old and Hardcore has shaped my world view immensely, so has activism in other aspects of life but combined they're amazing forces at showing you what you are really capable of analysing, becoming passionate about, acting to change on and creating.

Anyway, if you feel the same or if you think I'm rambling on. Enjoy the blog. Updates might be quick or they could be slow, depending on when I buy stuff, upload it and post it. If there are duplicates of stuff on other blogs, my posts will have the cover art and inserts scanned to, where the others do not.


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