Saturday, 10 December 2011

xUltramilitancex Zine - Issues #1, 3, 4 + 5

xUltramilitancex was a vegan straight-edge zine based in the UK. It was a zine written and edited between 2003-2004. Here, I have uploaded for you, 4 issues, only missing issue #2 from the 5 zine collection. I was lucky enough to be sent this zine along with some others as a gift, it's pretty rare and too good to keep to myself, so here you go!

Included in the 4 zines are Direct Action reports, Direct Action tips (lots of them!), band interviews (with: New Winds, Purification, Maroon and Justice Department), the
history at the time of the
Russian ALF, numerous accounts of other world struggles, the proven links between child abuse and animal abuse and much, much more.

The Zine editor himself has been in prison for illegal animal liberation activity. Which in essence makes this zine all the more worthwhile to know the person who wrote it knew what he was talking about. Anyway, enough of me, happy reading. Enjoy!

(This download contains all 4 zines in one folder).

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