Saturday, 10 December 2011

El Arma Es La Palabra - Esclavos Del Tiempo

My friend Abraham, or Gove is a vegan straight-edge guy from Monterry, Mexico. I've seen in several places online he has posted the free download of his current bands' new EP. El Arma Es La Palabra are a vegan straight-edge band and play mid '90s hardcore style jams, in the modern day. Mexico has a decent scene, other bands from the same scene include


, xAlguna Ves Fui Ciegox, Locus De Control and many others which I am forgetting right now. All of which are great at what they do. I thought I'd take the chance to promote Southern American Vegan Straight-Edge when the chance arises. Here is that chance, enjoy the EP.


(This was taken from a source other than my CD collection, I do not know what is included with the download, if anything).

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